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#TanTipTuesday: How to prolong your tan

Sadly all good tans must come to an end. So before you start to exfoliate and prep for your next spray tanning sesh, we are sharing our top secrets on how to extend the life of your sunless glow. Scroll down glow getter!

You just got an airbrush tan or applied a self tanner to your entire bod. What’s next? Well if you are a tan-a-holic (like us!), you know not to shower for 6-8 hours, only rinse with water and pat dry with a towel.

Swap out your regular body lotion with a daily gradual moisturizer, like NKD SKN Gradual Glow (bonus: you can use on face + body), to lock the tan into place and build a deep bronzy hue each day.

We all know that your face is the first thing to become pale again, since you are washing twice a day and applying makeup on the reg. You definitely want to nix using any oils or retinols when self tanning as they breakdown the tan super fast and cause patchiness to the skin.

On day three, before hopping into the shower and when you have time to kill, lather on a layer of NKD SKN Pre-Shower, let it work its magic for ten minutes then rinse! The formula gives an instant shot of hydration and upgrades your golden girl status.

When your tan begins to lose color, it’s officially time to start detoxing. By this, we mean using a light gentle exfoliator to break up the dead skin cells so the tan fades away evenly.

Take a day off in-between exfoliating your old tan before your next sunless application. A breakup allows the skin to breathe and go back to its natural state of paleness before you give it the Midas touch all over again!




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