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#TanTipTuesday: 10 Commandments of Tanning

Whether you getting a spray tan or applying self tanner, rules are rules and these ones are not meant to be broken! Thou shall follow the ten commandments for a flawless, sunkissed application.

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1. First things first. Get your mani, pedi, hair touchup, shave, wax session and exfoliating done 12 – 24 hours in advance.

2. Dab a gentle lotion on to dry areas – elbows, knees and ankles. Avoid perfume and deodorant.

3. Pick your potion. Figure out what shade you want and the formula you wish to use. Our go-to is mousse!

4. Go light on the face, use foundations and bronzers to color match to the rest of your bod. Obviously, your tan on your face will fade faster than the rest of your body since you wash twice a day and apply makeup on the reg.

5. Avoid retinols and acne treatments as they can dissolve color on your face and cause spotting.

6. If an error does occur, rub a lemon on the area and lightly buff with a damp towel. Or take a Sluff Wipe and gentle exfoliate.

7. Brush on talc-free powder with a big bronzer-like brush (we like Burt’s Bees!) after your session to lock tanner into place!

8. Always, always wear dark, loose clothing after your session.

9. When it comes time to shower, avoid hot showers, use gentle soaps and pat dry with your towel.

10. Last but not least, maintain your sunless tan with a daily gradual lotion that doubles as a moisturizer.

All good tans must come to an end. And when they do, go back to square one and begin again 🙂


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