What is Self Tanning Mitt?

A Self Tanning Mitt with extra soft flock surface is designed to give you a streak-free and gorgeous tan result.

What is Self Tanning Mitt

What Self Tanning Does?

A Self Tanning with extra soft flock mitt is perfect for use on face, body, and neck. It protects your palm of the hand from staining. You can use it by apply Vita Liberata Self Tanning product to get a natural-looking tan.

Why Self Tanning Mitt Beneficial from others?

Self Tanning Mitt is designed from water-resistant material and its waterproof product will help with that whole unpleasant stained palms side effect. You can use it many times. Just you need to rinse it after applying Self Tanning and leave it to air dry.

Double-Sided Sunless Tanning Mitt for Face and Body:

You can use double Self Tanning Mitt from both sides to protect the hand from stains. It’s made from high-quality material and super water resistant product.  It helps the application process much better to create a gorgeous and healthy tan on your face and entire body. 

What else you need to know?

  • Made from: 100% Polyester

Best Self Tanning Mitt Websites for Face and Body:

We all know that finding the best Self Tanning online can be difficult. There are literally more than 50 products out there, all declaring to be the very best.  How do you find one that works best for you?

We have listed below few top affordable tanning mitt companies to suit your needs.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mitt: 

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Mitt
Source: Vitaliberata.co.uk

Vita Liberata’s high quality super soft flock mitt is perfect for using on your body, face, and neck. You can achieve gorgeous, healthier and streak-free tan on the entire body every time.

It’s washable and usable, simply you can wash it after tanning and leave it to air dry. It’s made from the high-quality water-resistant material. It helps to avoid staining of the palms.


“Ensures your tan result is streak-free and flawless every time.”

NKD SKN Self Tan Mitt: 

NKD SKN Self Tan Mitt

NKD SKN Self Tanning Mitt is designed with high-quality soft flock tanning mitt and super water- resistant water material which give you a streak-free and gorgeous tan result for your face, neck, and body.

How to use Self Tanning Mitt?

When you use NKD SKN Self Tan product like Gradual Tan Mousse or TINTED SELF TAN MOUSSE, pump any product onto the Mitt and blend over the skin smoothly.

Shop Self Tanning Mitt Products at Amazon USA:

Want to find beauty care products that give you natural looking tan? Shop online for a wide range of beauty care products including Vita Liberata mitt, NKD SKN mitt, and St. Tropez Applicator mitt at Amazon.com website. Amazon has great collection of beauty care product in the world.

Walmart.com: Tanning Mitt: Beauty & Personal Care: 

Want to choose the best Self Tanning Mitt products for your body and face? Treat yourself to get a gorgeous tan every day with a wide range of Self Tanning items like Vita Liberata tanning products, NkD SKN’s pre-shower tan, and other branded products from Walmart.com. Shop Self Tanning care products online by logging on to Amazon.com and enjoy a vast selection of products at great price. 

Self Tanning Mitt Frequent Questions and Answers – Everything You Need to Know:

Self Tanning Mitt Frequent Questions and Answers
Source: Burrellesluce.com

Question: How to Use Tanning Mitt?

Answer: Wear a tanning mitt to your hand and put the less amount of tanning product onto Mitt and blend over the skin smoothly. Make sure the Mitt is dry before applying tan on the entire body.

Question: Can You Clean Your Tanning Mitt?

Answer: Yes, First of all, you need to hand wash your tanning mitt in warm water don’t use hot water to remove extra tanner product and clean the surface fibers. Soaps are one of the most commonly used cleaning tanning mitt. Add a little soap in water to clean stains if you want but don’t use any harsh washing powder or detergents. Once tanning mitt dry, you can use it again.


     Don’t wash your tanning mitt in the Washing machine and avoid hand washing your mitt with other garments.

Question: What is a Self Tanning Mitt made of?

Answer: It’s made of 100% Polyester as well as it’s waterproof that helps to stain of the palm and this way it will give you a tan free wave with no mess.

Question: Can you use a wet tanning mitt?

Answer: No 

Question: How often should I wash tanning mitt?

Answer: You should change Mitt after 2 or 3 uses.

Question: Why is my tanning mitt green?

Answer: There is no problem if your tanning mitt turns green but for your skin safety, put less amount of tanning on your little spot of your body and leave it for 24 hours. Check it, if it’s working fine, go ahead with same tan mitt otherwise purchase a new one.